My mother passed away three weeks ago today! August 26,2015
I miss her so much! I loved her more then anything she was my rock,my confidante,my best friend,the one who I could call any time day or night. Mom was a beautiful soul and a beautiful person!
She helped anyone in need even if it left her without. She was sick for some time. Went to a routine doctors appointment.was sent to the emergency room. She spent four months in three different hospitals.
She went in normal, came home a vegetable and comatose. I am so angry,I do not feel she was treated respectfully or with dignity. She was too young to be taken from us! she should not be dead at 61. I had the privilege of having my sweet mom for 38 years but I was not ready to let her go!! I love you momma and I miss you like crazy!! We will meet again someday,I love you so much!
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I just lost my mom on September 11th and I am lost. She was my rock, best friend , always there and my everything. I hate this so much.

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Mindy,moms are special! It is so hard to be without them!(hugs) to you!