In Honour Of A Wonderful Mum

My mother passed away in April 1987, at the age of 67, even though she was mostly confined to bed and on oxygen for a couple of years, she had a very active social life. Her phone was forever to her ear, and my Father was the doorman for all her visitors.

Poor dad, he was forever being told off, by mum, for something or other, thinking about things now, I always get a giggle and a chuckle going.

Like the time they went shopping, mum had forgotten something from the supermarket, it being a sunny day, she told dad to leave her in the wheelchair in the sun, and he go in to get what ever they'd forgot.

She had been waiting for nearly 3/4 of an hour, when dad, red faced and puffing, came back, "Where have you been ?", she asked , dad told her he was nearly home, and someone asked him how she was, and he then remembered he'd left her in the sun....

She would say she'd like to go somewhere nice for dinner, and dads reply would be, "Why, there's nothing wrong with the food here!"... a typical mere male !!

Once, before mum became dependant, dad came home from work , tipsy, (he was part-time barman at the pub on the corner of their street), sat at the table, and fell asleep, this had happened a few times and it was getting mum's back up..... when he woke he asked what was for tea, my mother, in all seriousness told him he'd already had it !!! what, he asked, she told him it was a roast with all the trimmings and baked custard for dessert...... he being the gentleman he was, told her that it was delicious as always.... ( HE was the bestest Dad ever!!!)

Mum broke her hip while preparing their tea on the Wednesday, funly enough that day, she had made arrangements to have a neighbour cook their meals...she was rushed to hospital.

The following day I contacted her doctor she saw for the asthma she suffered from, ( she also had Pernicious Anaemia, and Osteoporosis) and he visited her at the Melbourne Hospital.

They debated the pros and cons of the operation to repair the hip, and came up with a solution, we never learnt what it was, because, as the doctor was leaving her, mother had a fatal heart attack.....the irony being, to us it was her heart that kept her going.

Through-out her many hospital stays she made lots of friends..I am quite sure if she was a live today, EP would be here life-line.


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Ha ha ha looks like he didn't missed every opportunity he had to get his sleep

Luna.. that was always what my dad did, we were playing cards one night and it was his turn, my mum was next in line, he was taking so long, mum said , "I'm going to bed", when we looked he was a sleep, when we woke him he said, "I heard your mother say she was going to bed, so I thought , okay, and went to sleep". ... we were always having laughing matches with them both.

Those are pretty memories you got there, I like the one where he is drunk and fall asleep

my neice was very close to my mum, and she went to a clairvoyant, she was told their was a spirit around her that was telling her she didn't need her wheelchair anymore. That freaked me out.

I think our memory' of our parents keeps our spirits up,and the happy times make us smile.But remember she is not far away and you can still talk to her and tell her you love her.

yes Soozle, my parents were role models for my brother, sister and myself, we had lots of laughs and some sad moments too.<br />
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thank you Cabcraft, I hope my children follow in my footsteps, and think the same of me.

What a lovely story of both your mom and dad. They sound like wonderful parents. Bless you X@

It's wonderful that most of your memories are ones that make you smile. I laughed to imagine your Dad leaving her out the front of the supermarket - he must have walked past her to go home! lol, would have been good to see his face when he realised he'd left her.