My Mum, My Best Friend.

Two months ago today, my world fell apart. I lost my Mum and my Best Friend.

When I was 2 yrs old, my Mum was diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis.... she always said I was sent by God to help her. Everyday I would help her to wash and dress and clean the house. We cared for each other and developed such a close bond over the years. I was diagnosed with Cancer when I was 16 and she was there, holding my hand every step of the way and we fought it together and won.

As time passed, I met and married my Husband and we had 3 children. My Husband and my Mum adored each other, which was just as well really because you see my Mum still lived with me. Over the last few years her health started to deteriorate and she would suffer 3 or 4 times a year with pneumonia, she had a stroke and then a heart attack. All the years of medication for the R.A had damage her lungs so badly that near the end she would gasp for breath.

The last pneumonia attack beat her, she just couldn't fight anymore.... and I couldn't fight it for her. Her passing has left a massive gap in my life, I feel so alone. I know I am lucky to have my Husband and my Kids, who have been really supportive and a welcome distraction, but I was used to looking after them and my Mum and so now I don't know what to do with all my time.

Caring for Mum for all of my life is one thing I will never regret, but because it took up so much of my time, I didn't bother with making other friends, she was my one and only friend and now she's gone I feel so lost.

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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Soo sorry for your loss, and I can understand your feeling of complete emptiness.<br />
Your time was taken up with helping your mum and now you have all the time to spare.<br />
My mother has been gone for 23 yrs, I would ring her @ day when I got in from work, it left me with a hate for the phone. To this day I won't answer the phone if my husband is handy.<br />
A thought for you to consider to fill in those spare moments... have you a local hospital near by or where you live that you could volunteer your services, or an aged peoples home you could visit, it just might be the thing to take your mind off things and give you a feeling of being needed again.<br />
So glad for you that you have the love of your family to help you through this dificult time.

Hi... Thanks for your comms. It's nice to know I'm not alone, I only feel awful that there is someone feeling as lonely as me xxx

hi,i think i can get it.I´m lonely with no friends and i lost my mother too,when i was 16,everythingfell apart but i´m here.Take care