See You In Heaven Soon..

I lost my mum on 23 Nov 2010. She was 62. (my profile picture was my beloved mum. kiss**)
I can remember her buying toys for me and put it beside my bed so when i woke up i have a nice surprise.
i can remember her smile.
i can remember her smell.
i can remember her kindness
The night before she pass away i told her she going to be a grandmum soon.
i cry alot.
i pray alot.
She is a very talented mum, sewing all those handphone pouch for us, pillow case, even the short am wearing now as i typed.

" Aiyo, so much oil (fats) on that food!"
" Dont drink cold drink after hot food"
" Go exercise"

I miss you telling me the above.. i love and miss you so much...

I will take care of papa and sisters.

IF ONLY time can be back date, i would tell her how much i love her.
But time only go forward no backward. Tthe day i die, i will reunion with her.

Mama, see you in heaven soon.

Love you forever.
Your son
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2010

I'm sorry for your loss...I just lost my Mom at the age 57, (just a few months ago) from a 2 year battle with Lung Cancer. So I know your hurt and pain. Stay strong & May she always watch over you! Xo

mother loves for us is something we cannot repay their kindness, they left us their legacy of love , kindness.

my mother died when she was 59 years, it was a sudden death. the previous night we all were together and was planning for my nieces 1st birthday, i still remember the night i was doing her pedicure and she was very excited with a happy note we all went to sleep. next day it was sunday and i was on my way to the parliour and suddenly i got a call from my brother that was the day i lost my mum 7th march 2010 i miss her very much, i want to be with her, i love her so much living without is more the death. love u mom

My mother died when she was 62 also... It is very difficult. It has been 2 years, but it is still hard. Those images will fade, but then earlier ones will come to you that you will miss and need desperately to cling to. This is what love is.

2 weeks have passed. i still miss her so much. <br />
Even though am a guy, tears still roll now my cheek when i think of her. In bus, at night, morning.<br />
<br />
I cannot concentrated on my work. i feel so depressed whenever my mum body image resurfaced.<br />
i feel so weak.. <br />
God help me.