Cancer Took My Mom

My mother passed away when i was 11 in 1988 and i still think of her often.She lived with cancer and treatment for 4 years before she finally passed .. I find it hard to recall very many memories of her.  No one in my family talks about her and i know its just because its too painful. I wish she was still here i would have loved to know her better. She was loving and loved my many

deemilio deemilio
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2011

deemilio, I'm so sorry. What a huge loss this was for you and your entire family. No child should have to grow up without their parent there to help them through the tough times and celebrate with them through the good ones. I would be happy to share with you some things I learned about connecting with and processing grief if you think that would help. (((((hug)))))