A Poem For My Mom...i Miss You Most...

I miss you, mom…
I miss you most
When I first wake up, in the morning
I miss you most
When I am trying to fall asleep, at night
I can still see your face, your smile, your voice
Your crazy curly hair,
And the twinkles in your eyes
The way you always managed
To make everything okay,
When things got tough
You showed more love,
And that was just your way
You never gave up so easily

I miss you most
When the night sky is clear and full of stars,
I miss you most
At the first sight of the rising sun,
When the mid-afternoon sun is a blazing ball
Glowing in the horizon,
It makes me feel, as if…that is how your love
For your children was - always there,
Always able to touch our hearts
Even when you were far away

I miss you most
When you weren't living close by,
Now, I miss you most
Because you have moved on
To a better place,
I know that you are looking down
From up above,
You have become
A part of the earth,
The sun, the moon, and the stars
The universal energy of eternal love

I miss you, mom…
I miss you most
Whether I am thinking of you…or not,
I keep telling myself to be strong
That you wouldn't want me to be
Filled with much sorrow and be so lost,
But sometimes the tears flow freely
That I surrender...to undo this knot in my throat,
And all my emotions from losing you,
Resurfaces…from the depths of my heart and soul

I miss you most
When I dream of you,
And then have to wake up to reality
Those short visits of you, in my dreams
Leave me feeling with so much love
So much joy and missing you so
I miss you, mom
When I see other people
With their mothers,
And I feel like I've been punished
For not having been a better daughter,
I love and miss you most, mom
Because I still needed you in my life
I'd never imagined…
Having to say goodbye to you, so soon
I love you, mom
And this is me missing you…always
Until its time to see you, again

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19 Responses Mar 19, 2011

Its 2:20am Christmas morning. The presents are under the tree. Everything is decorated. Oh mom, I love you. Fifty seven years, and most with you at Christmas. This will be one more as you are here in my heart and mind. Its a full moon this Christmas. The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow gave a luster to objects below. I'm still your son. Love you so.

I lost my mam after 3 year battle and with 5 diagnoses of cancer in different places all because of a rare skin cancer growing into her bowel I miss her terrible I cared for every day and even sat with on a night and looked at the stars but also the nigh time cuddles and kisses but also to care for her made it special because she battled and what an inspiration she is to me and to prove how ever weak and tired she was she still pushed every second 25/5/56-20/2/14

I lost my mom 11 years agao she died my senior year of high school and and 14 days before my birthday I Miss her so miuch thanks to the person that wrote this poem its fits me to a t <3

I lost my mam when i was two years old. she was died on delivery.Naw i am on twentz, she is the best ever mam, she is kind,happy, lovely,honest,friendly i really miss her,the worst thing is i don't have any remembrance of her, what she looks like i don't have any photo of her, i can't remember any thing besides her family members & her friends told me,this is a wonderful poem i wish i was born again to see my mam again, even though i can't remember u,u r always in my heart i love u for ever.

I feel inspired, by the "word i miss my mam".nice poem.

I am 14 and my mom passed 3 days after her birthday in september 2012. I love this poem..even though i miss her so much i know shes in a better place with my dad who also passed. But all i wanted to say is thank you and im sorry.

This is every word and emotion that I have been feeling since October 2010. My Mom was my best friend and my biggest fan ... she did not deserve her fate of ALS ... she was so dear. I am so sad and sorry for your loss ... it changes everything ... forever. I wish I could tell her one more time how proud I am that she was my Mother.

My mom passed away Nov. 21, 2003 of cancer. This is a wonderful poem. Thank you.

Oh my,i know exactly how you feel,i lost my mom in november 2003,her double wide caught on fire and she was in it,i still hurt till this day,i love and will miss my mom dearly.

So well said. Lost my mom about a year ago. I found her dead in the house I grew up in. She died one and a half days after her 66th birthday. She was my everything....

This is a beautiful poem. Today is 6 mo's of my mother passing. She had to follow my father which Nov 9th 2011 he passed. She could not live without him. But she is now in a much pain free life with him and family. I do think I am being punished. But I know she is happier. I have missed her so much. Her twinkling smile even when she was sick and missing my father. She was very BEAUTIFUL and she left her mark with each of us. She is my hero, my wonder woman. My mother.

Oh how I can relate. Lost my momma at age 18, held her hand. Oct 6 1994. That wound will never heal. Time does not heal all wounds.

I feel every word. Every emotion.

This is very very sweet poem...i realized after reading it all moms are the same.. I was thinking since last one month ... since i lost my mom... that my mom was world's best..but reading this poem..i realize .. my mom resembled your mom :)

This is so beautiful ! Can I ask if you really did lose your mom at a young age ?


beautiful words you spoke i miss my mom also

Absolutely beautiful. I miss my mum so much too :(

Absolutely beautiful words! They have stirred my heart! Thank-you for putting on paper what I have wanted to say for so long but have been unable to get the words out.