I Wish...

i wish i had a mom to miss, i really do. my mother was a cruel woman who hated children, she was an alcoholic and did unspeakable things that no mother should do. i still wish though that i had a loving caring mom who wouldnt berate me for doing good or bad things, a mom that of taught me the normal things like my first period which i found out by myself by watching t.v and reading books, to ride my first bike and when i fell off to be hugged and told i could do it rather than so heartlessly being told "get up u aint hurt", to my first boyfriend and little did i realise that being forceably raped was not the right thing....you never told me anything mom, instead she said i deserved everything i got...and when i tried to kill myself she didnt stop me oh no instead she told me the right way of cutting my wrists

no matter how hard i tried to win her affection she still hated me, and she told me so often i could mime her exact words of "your just like your father" and "i wish you were never born"

i would give anything to have a real mom not the devil in disguse
leftoutforever leftoutforever
Jun 19, 2011