Miss You Mom..

My mom died from cancer on 3/3/05. It was a brutal thing to watch as her strength and vitality became less and less with each passing day. She was my best friend to tell the truth..although as a teenager I was totally into myself and couldn't have cared less about anyone else, she always was there for me. As an adult I began to see the wisdom in the things she had "lectured" me about while I was growing up and getting myself into trouble. I would call her every day (sometimes mutiple times) just to vent my frustration with the way the world is, or just to say hello and tell her that "I love you". She always had the time to talk and listen to me...she has been dead for over 6 years now..and sometimes I can catch myself starting to dial her number just so I could say "I love you mom". Most of the time life goes on as normal for me...work, bills, more work, more bills...but sometimes I will get her pictures out and look at them, and try to remember her as a happy woman with dreams and hopes of her own. I even have pictures of when she was a little gilr..wide eyed and innocent..and it brings me to tears to think of how2 she would never have dreamed of dying at such an early age (59) or in such a horrible way. I did get to spend almost every evening with her for the last 6 months while she was struggling with the concept of dying...she liked it when I would read scripture to her. Psalms was her favorite..she would just listen to the sound of my voice as I read the comforting verses one after another, and it seemed as if during that time she would forget her pain, let go of her fears, and take comfort in the words of the Lord. "The Lord is my strength and my salvation..of whom shall I fear "? I know you don't know me, and I don't expect my story to move you in any given way..I just wanted to tell you something about her times of trouble..and about my deep love I had for her. I miss you mom with all of my heart..I pray that one day we will see eachother again in the presence of the Lord where all of our tears will be wiped away and death will be njo more. Your loving son..Art.
Arthayzlett Arthayzlett
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I understand how u feel. My mom passed away sept.29th.2004 and she was only 40 yrs old. Message me if u ever want to talk

Thanks..I will. And you do the same..=-)