I Miss You Mom!

My mom died of cancer 14 years ago on 19th December at 2.30 in the morning. I miss her SO MUCH! I now have a young daughter who is 5 - I just wish she could have known my mum as she's so like her. Part of me knows she's watching but I still wish she was here to enjoy the Christmas season with us. Love you mom! Momamooxxx
Momamoo Momamoo
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2 Responses Dec 18, 2011

I have young children as well and without my mum I would be lost. So sad :( <br />
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She is there in spirit I am sure looking down on it all :)

There are a dozen times a day I want to ask her advice and I would have a very different life if she were here. She'd have lived my daughter too. Thanks for the lovely comment xxx:-)

Nice story Momoo. You can be sure you will never forget her. I lost my mum 19 years ago to cancer and she still enters my thoughts very often. My sons never met her but I know she would have adored them. Best wishes. :-)

Love and hugs to you