I Miss My Mother So Very Much

I miss my Mother ; We lost her Sept. 14 th 2006 . She was so sick for about 4 yrs. in and out the hospital for about the last year of her life.  I told her everything I needed to tell her . I loved her so much . You see , I spent half my life hating her for not raising me nor my brother because she choose men over us . I spent all that time wasted .             Now, that I am a Mother I realize we are human and make mistakes that we can't take back and when we choose some things for our childern hopefully we do it in the best interest . I finally let go of the anger and resentment and we started getting close about 5 yrs. ago . I wish it would have been much sooner. If you are reading this and haven't lost your Mother and you aren't close please try and mend fences . Once they are gone you can't bring back the time you have lost. I found out my Mom was a pretty neat Lady . Rest in Peace MOMMA!!!  I will see you again someday.

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I had the same situation with my dad who remarried and could'nt be bothered. My mother tried to prevent me from reconnecting with him even at the end..I did'nt listen and am so happy I did'nt..The man I found was a very different man then the one I had known so many years before..He was funny,sweat natured and very sorry for his mistakes in the past..I was very sorry too...Sorry that I had let so many years go by without reconnecting with him...We only had a little time since he was already stage 4 and given six months to live..I used those six months and got know him and sometimes helped care for him.He passed away on Sep 10 2008....I was with him and talked to him for a while after he went into a coma....I miss the man I hardly got a chance to know...Everyday

Sorry for your loss. But at least you got to say all that you needed to say to her. A lot of people don't get that chance. The love for your mother will live on and she will live on through your memories. Now she is watching over you and your kids. :)