Wondering About Wonder

My family was not religious, and I would say I am agnostic. I believe religion helps some people, and that is good, but I see so much harm done in the world because of religion.

However, since my mother's death in August, I have been pondering the role of religion in our lives. Of course, I wonder about souls and all that stuff.

But am I doing this in an effort not to let my mother go?

Have others thought the same after losing their mothers?


46-50, M
1 Response Apr 7, 2007

I think your wondering about your moms soul is a normal, very human thing to do, and it's part of the letting go process. I still have my mom, but after volunteering with hospice for a while, I can say it's pretty normal. I'm very sorry on the loss of your mom, and wish you the best with your healing.