First Mothers Day

It was a somber Sunday for me, my first one since my mother passed away last August. Since my father is also gone that leaves me as the patriarch of my clan or sept  in a manner of speaking. This Mothers Day and I tried not to dwell on the loss but remember the past, recount the joy and let go of the grief. Ive never been one to think weve 'lost' someone when they pass on because the imprint they leave behind will always be with us. Of course its usually bitter sweet but life is like that and so are the people in ours. Love is a many faceted jewel, flawed and with a beautiful personality all its own because of the imperfection.

This post isnt where I want to delve into my mothers facets and flaws, many of them unknown or unexpected. No matter what I will miss her. So this past Sunday I honored Mothers day and my mother by celebrating with my grandmother who is approaching the century mark. A moment for me to cherish the pleasant memories and let go of all the travail that Ive been through handling her estate.  My family took her some flowers and home made cookies,  then out for brunch. She doesnt care to be fussed over but shes of that generation that faced so much and rose to the occasion without complaint. So while my mother has passed away she remains in our hearts still.
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Deanze, i lost my mom in february of this year. mothers day for me was one of the hardest days for me considering i never got the chance to say goodbye to her. my dad is still alive but i dont talk to him at all after what he did to me. now all the holidays here on out are going to be real depressing for me.

Im sorry to hear that. My mother was in hospice care and was barely there from the pain medications. I was fortunate that I was there when she passed away and Im sorry that you didnt have that closure.

Basically a sugar cookie with a kiss on top

Cute... how many did you have? Kisses I mean. x p

The whoooooooolllleeeee bag

I don't even know why I asked! *stuffs you with more kisses*

Uhmmm... the chocolate I mean. x p

Nom nom nom

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What kind of cookies...? Did the girls bake them?

The candy cane kisses they had at christmas. Yummy

Chewy? Has to be chewy... especially for grandma...

Mums been gone 14 years and my grandmother 12 years. She went a few months after we lost Dad. You are fortunate in still having a grandmother to share things with. It must have been especially tough on her to have to bury a child, no matter their age. When sadness touches, I remember all the joy these people brought me.

Thanks Bec. There are more issues there than just her passing away and I think my grandmother is having trouble coping emotionally. Consequently its straining our relationship but Im sure well come through it ok. She is a very strong woman and I have such an apprectiation for her.

I lost my mother 25 years ago, how lucky you are that you have your grandmother with you, I have a saying.... A mother holds her childs hand a little while their hearts forever.....

Its been 8 years since my dad passed away and now my mom is gone in an abrupt and unexpected illness. My parents were great to talk to and never tried to pressure me to be anything other than myself. I think thats what Ill miss most of all.