My Mom Or My Enemy??

I to, miss my mother very much, and she is also not deceased either.  She parted her ways years ago because she had to make a choice, and I was not it.  She gave me away, not to relatives but The System.  Where i grew up a victim of the child welfare system, to this day I am upset with my Mom for putting me through that lifestyle, but also miss her alot.  She seperated me from 5 other siblings, to which we could not reunite properly to this day so i feel like i don't belong to a family at all, i feel like I've done something terribly wrong to my mom and siblings though back then i was just a mere innocent child and even then she wanted no contact as opposed to now.  We did attempt to try and hook up a few times Mom and I with no luck in keeping contact.  Now i seem to be going through this with my children.  My Mom lives to far away to visit for i don't drive, and she NEVER contacts me she's 61 now and it doesn't look like she'll be looking me up anytime soon.  I WISH HER WELL!!!

embrissa embrissa
41-45, F
Apr 12, 2007