I Miss My Mother!

My Mother passed away November 9th, 2006.  She had been very ill with cancer.  Carcinoid Syndrome to be exact.  I did live a lil over 3 hours from her and my father, but in August, I decided to quit my job and move back home to help them out.  My Mom died at home, where she was surrounded by people who loved her dearly.  Although I miss her something awful, I wouldn't keep her on this earth to endure another second of the pain she was going through.  She is much better now.  Free of pain, and no longer suffering.  I will forever cherish having the opertunity to be at her bedside when she took her last breath.  Rest in peace, Momma!  I love you, and I miss you dearly!
zencricket zencricket
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1 Response Apr 17, 2007

thank you for shareing your story..I'm glad she was cared for at home surrounded by family who loved her..It takes a special kind of person to uproot move and help care for a loved one..We need more angels in the world like you...God bless