I Really Miss My Mom ..my Best Friend

I miss my mom sooo much. Shes my best friend. I havent talked to her since my dad was arrested for abusing her. I understand she loves him but why cant she see that I have no legal why of stoping this and just because I called the police doesnt mean Im out to get her. I miss her soo much , I could talk to her about everything even my sex life.  Today on facebook i sent her an invit to my 19 birthday party she replyed as not going. I started crying. We always talked about how I was going to have this big party and she knew that all I wanted for my bday was for my family and friends to be there. I love you mom and I will always be here.
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Sad story, but there is always two sides to a story.<br />
You, were being a loving daughter by calling the police, your mother should realize that, but she is probably torn between yourself and your father.<br />
You have tried to get your mother to your party, so now what I would do if I was in your position....<br />
Pick out a lovely I Love You card, write down your inner-most thoughts of your mom in it, post it to your mom, in time for her to be able to accept your invitation to the b/party.<br />
Tell her how much it means to you to have her there, I'm sure it will break the ice .... good luck and I hope your b/day is special for you.

at least you have a mother..my mother was my best friend i could also talk everything to her but she died two years ago. tell her you just loved her and wanted to keep her safe if she doesn't listen it is not your fault.

I'm sorry that is really sad that she won't talk to you....I feel for your mother as well..I can only imagine how many years she must have been victimized...I hope she comes around soon

Broke my heart too. Your mother needs to find her self esteem and realize she deserves better than that. And she needs to be a part of your life more. There is a world of love here honey whenever you need it. You deserve to be happy. *HUGS*

Hi it broke my heart reading your story,I have a daughter who has been living in London for five years now and I miss her very much...What you did for your Mom you did out of love for her as well as concern,she will come around eventually and realise that you had her best interest at heart.You have your whole life ahead of me and don't get into an abusive relationship,I always attracted the wrong people now I feel that I'd rather be on my own than have verbal and physical abuse.God bless you