I Still Can't Believe My Mother Kicked The Bucket !

Suddenly, Life got horrible valueless tasteless unworthy, A month inside ICU in vain, her health had been getting worse and worse every flash passed by, felt it in my bones, her hour is about to come, could not do anything else praying for her, Never thought she would die someday, had felt all my life that she's mine, It turned out to me that not because I have something, does not mean It will remain mine forever, I loved her more than everything in my life, sacrificed everything to please her, sacrificed marriage&abroad job just to be beside her, Now life is not worth living, Life is meaningless Now, I feel I can't move on, I just need to talk to her, touch her hands and foots and kiss them, just need to look at her, just want to see her true smile, I know that would happen but not in my life, But I still believe that someday I will see her and give her a big hug and will talk to her endlessly, only when I pass away, I can't wait .
AeFromEgy AeFromEgy
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012