Not Having A Mom At A Young Age

When i was 8 years old my family was having a party. A guest that didnt live too far away came over. My dad and my mom being the hosts thought it would be wrong to let the guest go home by themselves at such a late time ( 3 am ). So they decided to walk him. As they are crossing the street, a drunk driver speeding hits my mom ,sending her literally flying to the oother side of the road. My dad witnessed it all, i cant even imagine how he felt. Being only 8 years old and having to find out your mom got hit by a car and is severly hurt is really scary. She slipped into a coma for 3 years. I would go visit her and not even be able to have her speak to me or anything. Then one day she woke up , but stillw as not recovered, not only did she break her ribs, leg, and both arms, but something happened to her brain. She got fed thru a tube in her stomach , and she has a tube in her throat enabling her to breathe. Its so hard to se eyour mom so helpless , especially when i was a little girl its so hard to handle. Im still little im only 14 and my mom is still in the hospital unable to move, talk or anything. Although she is still alive , and i am very thankful for that i had to grow up without a mom and its very very hard. I know that things will never be the same, she might not be able to dance at my wedding, or hold my kids, or even simpler things like help mme with my homework.. I had to learn everyhting by myself , including personal girl things like getting my first bra, or pads, or learning about sex and stuff, obviously its too awkward for my dad to help me with those thing and talk to me about it. I cry every single day but i wipe the tears and fake a smile because i have to seem strong for everyone so they can stay strong aswell. Its really heartbreaking and tragic to grow up without a mommy. Its sad that i dont remmeber her voice, or the way she looked before she got hit by the car. Was that night fo drinking really worth ruining someones life? I hate drunk drivers, it makes me sick. he didnt even go to jail or anything but i hope his guilt eats him alive
wiolawojo wiolawojo
13-15, F
Sep 22, 2012