8 Years

My mom has been dead for eight years. I am now 25 and I miss my mom a lot. She might have stopped me from making some big mistakes. She would have been proud that I graduated from college. I wish she could have meet my baby. I look at other people who have moms and I am sad. My mom died when I was 17 and horrible. I hope she knew I loved her and grew up to be better then I was. I miss my Mom.
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I can relate. I was a bratty, selfish 16 year old when my mom died 27 years ago. I too would like her to know that I turned out ok and that I am sorry for my rude behavior towards her and anyone else in my teenage path. I appreciate her more now, then I did when she was alive and that is just plain sad.<br />
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BUT - aren't all teens selfish and rebelious to some degree, even our moms may have acted the same towards their parents - if they were alive today, they would understand and forgive us.

My Mom is still alive. I lost my Father . My Dad and I were very close. He wasn't perfect but he was my Dad. My Mom and Dad gotdivorced when I was 13. Dad was all alone. MY FATHER had 4 strokes and he was no longer the same I became his guardian. I lost him back in 1991. I still miss him. I always will