I Miss My Mom

The last time I posted here my mother had just died and I did not remember posting to this site one year ago. My father died 1 month later. I had not heard from this site untill this month and I thought my father was talking to me because he called me whistlebinky. Just tonite I read my post from a year ago and I must say I still miss my parents  so much and cry everyday even though it has been a year. I want to call them so bad and I can't. When does the pain and lonelyness stop? I was so blessed with the best parents a girl could ask for, they always encouraged, and supported me. They became parents to alot of my friends too. Wow how lucky I was to have been born to such wonderfull  and warm people. My the good lord give all children parents like mine.

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I lost my Dad in 2001 and my Mum in 2003, i have sadness tucked away deep inside of me that i carry around every day, some days it just sits there and some days it pulsates, so what i do is, i sit down i close my eyes and in my imagination i go Home, i walk through the front door of my parents house and into the kitchen where my Dad is sitting reading the paper and smoking his Pipe, and mums sitting with a cup of tea, i sit down with them and i tell them what's made me laugh today or what's made me sad, and then i'll tell them that life is just not the same without them, and they always say to me "we're here love we're here" and then my Dad takes my face in his hands like he always did and kisses me on the forehead and give's me a cuddle that i just melt into, the type of cuddle he always gave to me as a little girl that made me feel so safe and sercure, i turn to my Mum and i kiss her on the cheek and i cuddle her and she just holds me the way she held me when i was her baby. I leave and walk out of the door and as i turn around to wave goodbye they've gone, but i know that they will be there next time i visit.

Grieving takes it's own time, so just go with the flow. <br />
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You'll always miss your Mum & Dad, but eventually the pain lessens.<br />
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If you had wonderful parents then you will always have a place in your heart that no-one else can fill.<br />
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One day that place in your heart will be filled with memories, not grief and that's when acceptance arrives.