Do I Really Miss Her?

My mom has always been the support for me and my sister and two brothers. The only solid one, step-dad and biological in and out as they saw fit. Always a close family, none of us expected what came Christmas Day. Mom was moving up north with her brother, and would be gone for a long time. She was leaving the day after my sister's birthday, a mere 2 weeks away.

There were alot of things that needed to be done, taken care of, finalized. Mom called one day out of the blue, and asked me if I could pick up her car payments, being as I was the only one without a car, and needed it. It would have saved her credit. I agreed, and the day she left, problems started.

Every phone call I got from her was not, "I miss you" or "I love you", it was "Why is my payment not showing up"? After a few months of saying I wasn't making payments, she decided she was going to call the cops, and tell them I STOLE her car, or I had to bring it to my brother. After many failed attempts to get her on the phone, I get a voice mail from her saying she was through with me. I was no longer her daughter.  I lost all respect from her, because I couldn't even keep up with a few car payments. This bothered me, so I began to look further into it.

I knew my account was being drafted every month for it, and it was going through. I had bank statements reflecting that. I checked the on-line account statement, and it said I was caught up fro 6 months. Investigate further. The finance company wasn't doing something right in the computer, screwed the account up, and made it seem as if there were no payments being made. I have tried to make my mom understand this, but she still says I made no payments.

In the mean time, my little brother has had the car for two weeks. He now has 1 speeding ticket, 1 ticket for overuse of power, and 1 minor fender bender. And she wants to take the car from him and give it back to me?!? Granted I need the transportation, but after the things she has said, and the problems I have faced with this, I can't help but wonder if that's what I really want.

Which now brings me to my next question. Do I really miss her after all the things she has said to me? After being called a *****, a ****, and a ***** by my own mother, and having her say she was done with me, do I really miss her? Or am I still too hurt to even care???


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Wow, what a sad story and believe it or niti can relate :( My mother has accused me of HORRIFIC behavior (all lies, which i can prove) and she did this to me INFRONT of the entire family and more importantly infront of my children who were completely SHOCKED. After an extremely painful thought process I chose to cut her out of my life and that is a LONG story which I wont bore you with. Just know you are not alone in these tragic circumstances. Good luck with how you decide to deal with it, I know it won't be an easy road. Take care, and gentle hugs!!