You Never Stop Missing Her - It's Been 8 Years

I miss my mom.
She died from lung cancer in 2004. I was 12. Since then it's been me, my father and my two older brothers. So now I'm a 20 year old "woman" who spent her teenage years in the middle of a bunch of men! Which I believe is one of the reasons for how different I feel from other girls sometimes.
I miss her.
I think the pain is never over. Ever. Because everytime something good or bad happens you can't help but wonder how different everything could be if she was still here.
My mother didn't see the panic in my eyes when I first had my period, or the young - and oh how innocent - smile on my face when I had my first boyfriend. She didn't see me all dressed up for prom or graduating from high school. And hse won't see me finishing law school, she won't meet the man of my life. She won't be at my wedding. She won't meet my children.
How different could my whole life have been if I could still hug her everyday!
I never talk about this. Though it's something I accept in my life, it's very very rare for me to talk to my best friends about my mother. I don't think anyone can understand how it feels unless you've been there.

Just felt like sharing
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

So sorry u lost your mom at such an important age. She is watching over you.
I lost my mom last year.