My Mom

My mom, oh where do I begin, what a beautiful lady she was. Always smiling, always happy and no matter how bad of a day she was having, she would always wear a smile. In around January of 2012, my mom had to go to the hospital, she had very bad pains in her liver, but not one of the docter's could figure out what was wrong. She then returned home about two days later and continued to have pain. On May 26, I was waiting at my school like I would usually do, my mom would always be there early, so I would run out of the school happily to tell her how my day was as we were on our way home. But this day, it was not like that. I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Finally I went to the office and called home, after it rang for awhile my mom answered the phone. She didn't know what happened. Well, she was on her way to the school, I could not figure out how she forgot to pick me up, she has been everyday for eight years. May 29th, my mother was rushed to the hospital, her liver was hurting her once again. She stayed in the hospital for two- three weeks. June 20, my mother got sent out on a plane to a bigger city, there her health crashed. July 8th, I got a phone call from my brother who was down in the hospital with her. The docter told my brother my mom was going to die and there was nothing more they could do. My dad got the phone call, then telling me that night. July 12, My mother was rushed back on a plane to our small town for everyone to say our last goodbyes. June 12th at 4 in the morning, I got the phone call, me being my 13 year old self, rushed it to my dad, I refused to answer it. With the expression on his face, I knew she was gone. That was the last time I got to see my mother.
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I read your story and my cousin and uncle both did to.. how can we be of help to you ?

Cries and hugs u :( !!!!