I Really Do. ...

I really do. She has fallen into a huge depression now that all of her children are in college. It actually started when her mother died when we were still in high school, but now it keeps increasing, and she refuses to get help. She even told my middle sister that she thought about committing suicide when she left for a year in Spain. It's sickening, but worse, I am getting p*ssed off about it, because it seems like she keeps herself in that state. Now she has let all of her phones get turned off, and she works 16hrs./day, but she goes to the casino to throw everything away just so she doesn't have to think about anything. She'd rather be mad at me, then to tell me she misses me. And I am edging farther and farther away because it's too painful to deal with. I miss her terribly. I think I only talk to her roughly once a month for a total of 20min. maybe.
RaraAvis84 RaraAvis84
22-25, F
Jul 2, 2007