I Do Miss My Mum. ...

I do miss my mum. I've been living in Sydney for the summer until uni goes back in February..so i'm a fair way from home. I miss mum, Sandy, and all my sisters and brothers. I love just hanging out at mums, looking at the mountains, having a good gassbag with everyone. My family are all nuts, but i still love them. Mum and Sandy have a horse which hangs out at the front door waiting to come in! Madness...Family is the one thing in the world that will always be there, so even though family can have the best fun in the world and the biggest fights over nothing, i always try to remember that.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2007

I'm not that far from my parents house but I work full time and go to school so it's a little hard to find time to drive 30 minutes to their house cause when I do have an off day I'm cooking and cleaning and trying to relax in my house. I miss my parents the most when I'm having a rough time all around though. It doesn't stop me from calling my mom and crying my eyes out when I can't take it anymore. Hearing her talk to me and praying with me helps soothe me. And my dad when he tells me to calm down and breathe it will be ok.