I Really Miss My Mother and She Is Still Alive

I miss my Mother because I used have her visit me once or twice a month.  She would spend the weekend with me and we both had such a good time...My sister and I always quarrel, so for my peace of mind I decided to not talk to her or have any to do with a for a while.  During that time my sister(who lives with my Mother) told my Mother that the rest of the family do not care about her . She is the only one who does!.  She will not allow anyone, not my Mother's  sister, nor my brother or my other sister to contact her. She has told my Mother we want to put her in a nursing HOME. This is not true!..My sister is paranoid, mean and there is another word with a the second letter of the alphabet in front of the ITCH.  But St. Jude will help us. and maybe get my sister some mental help too. I send letters to her for her signature. My sister signs for them.
csan csan
61-65, F
Jul 28, 2007