I Miss My Mother

I miss my mother!

She died last year of a prescription drug overdose.  SUICIDE is what ya call it.

Nonetheless, I forgive her for leaving this world the way she did cause I know she was in pain and very depressed and just couldn't take it anymore. But what I am having a hard time forgiving is that she didn't leave a note or call to say goodbye. And I was the only one with a key to her house, so she must have thought about the fact that me and my kids would be the ones to find her.  That is exactly what happened and that hurts!

It has almost been one year since that dreaded day and I am very sad and miss her terribly. She was not only my mom, but my friend.  I hope she is watching over me and my family.

Bodene Bodene
31-35, F
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I'm so sorry for your loss....

My mother drank herself to death. I was very hurt that she left me alone, but I knew that perhaps for the first time she wasn't in any pain. I was also angry, not so much at her, but at life for beating her down and then taking her from me. I will always miss her, but the anger has faded over the years. I hope over time you to can over come the hurt that you feel when they leave you like that.

Sorry to hear about your mother <br />
<br />
I miss my mother too - she was my best friend

Bodene, I'm so sorry to hear about this, and I wish you many soothing balms to your heart. I can only imagine how painful this must be, and the kind of tortured emotions you've been through. I just wanted to wish you all the healing and love you need.

Well..... my mom had 3 full bottles of prescription meds in her system that caused her death. I don't really think that could be called an accident.<br />
She had talked about suicide before, so I am sure she knew what she was doing!

I am so sorry for your loss. Maybe there was no note because she didn't mean to do it. I fear, at times, that my mother will do the same thing. She forgets that she has taken her meds, and takes them again and again. In the end, it is not a suicide, but and accident. I hope that maybe that will ease your mind. ((((hugs))))