7 Years

The strangest things remind me of her.

A woman on a TV show in a hospital acting scared, but when it was her, it wasnt an act.

Remembering a certain way she did something, reduces me to tears.

Sometimes, I wish really hard - Im not even sure how you do that, but I do.  Wish I could just imagine what she would tell me if she were here.  What would she say?

It's been 7 years. 

I think I thought it might get easier.

Willowtree7 Willowtree7
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

This month marks 10 years since i lost my mom. I feel what you do, about how just remembering how she did certain things reduces you to tears.

I am sorry to hear that it hasn't gotten any easier. My mother passed away in December and it has been much harder than I thought. I see someone and want to call her to tell her. I really wish I had words to comfort you!

I am so sorry about your loss. I can't even imagine not <br />
having my mom in my life. You must be a very strong person! I know that you must miss her endlessly.<br />
Take care of yourself , Debby