My mother died almost nine years ago, the day before I turned 14. It's been a long time but I never stopped missing her. She was a wonderful mother and a wonderful woman. I'm glad I got to know such a woman. She was open minded, kind and always by my side.
I feel like I've missed her even more for the past year. Why? because I met the love of my life and I'm now realizing that she will miss all the big step in my life. She'll never know my man, she'll never know my children, she will never be at my wedding.
A friend of mine has a child and as soon as she has a question about how to raise her kid, she asks her mother...I'll never be able yo do that...
Troianne Troianne
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 26, 2014

I lost my mother when I was 12.. I feel awful that I did not really appreciate as much as I would want to while she was around. I can understand your pain, most days go fine, its those few days that make you really upset.

I have a feeling that you will do great with your kids.. for now explore yourself and try to understand more about who you are. We humans have instincts to protect and nurture our offspring. And these instincts are more stronger in women. So you will figure it out :) PEACE

Your going to have to get creative for parenting advice but you'll figure it out. She did a good job with the time she had and you will be fine. That won't make up for the loss but always remember your mother will always be with you. You are never alone.