I Miss My Mother Even Though I...

I miss my mother even though I see her everyday. We have never been close I miss that as a woman. We are learning and growing I hope to one day share a closness as other mothers and daughters.
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4 Responses Feb 21, 2007

That sort of sounds like my mom and I, never close as I was growing up, but over the years since I've left home, we've gotten much closer, so even though we fought alot at home, I'm glad we're close now, because I've always thought my mom was special. The only problem was-we were wayyyyy too much like each other to live under the same roof successfully. Best wishes with you and your mom.

Have you told your mum this.... if you haven't, try to tell her how you feel.... you never know, SHE may be feeling the same thing, but doesn't know how to break the ice.... don't let the time pass and miss out on that feeling of love.

I hope you do too, I would give anything to even have one more fight with minexxx Keep working on it, there's not a relationship that will match it

it's great having a special relationship with your mum :)