I Miss Her:(

I'm 12 years old and I lost my mother abut a year ago this June. I didn't really get to see her much but it still hurts so bad. She died because she was in a car accident and it was on all of the newspapers all I remember is I was at my grandmas having so much fun when my dad calls me in to the dinnng room i felt my heart drop to my stomach when I saw him crying. I sat down on his lap and he told me what had happened. I started crying and sometimes I find myself crying in the middle of the night. What hurts the most is when I was about three she decided she would rather have drugs in her life instead of me. I know she loved me but it's like she didn't even care. It's hard to have everyone say they feel sorry for me because I feel sorry for myself. I live with my dad and sometimes he gets so mad at me because I take to look when I shop and then he says if only u had a mother and it makes me feel bad bad because I feel like it's my fault. And then I moved and my neighbor in the same grade as me started going around telling everybody my mom was dead. I mean yes she is but if I won't people to know things about me I will tell them. Y'all please just pray for me. Thank you.
IlySomuch IlySomuch
13-15, F
Feb 7, 2010