Gone To Soon.

My mom passed away when I was six days old. I never got to hear her voice, her laugh, see her smile, feel her gentle motherly touch. I think about her everyday. No one understands how I can miss someone I never knew, but I do. I don't miss who she was, I miss how she could have been to me. I see other girls shopping with their mom, getting their nails done with her....and all I think is how lucky they are. My dad got remairried when I was seven to an uptight, evil b!tch. Luckily they got a divorce over the summer. My father and I are so close now. I do everything with him. I have to go to my step mothers every other weekend and it's torture. I hate it, I hate her. She ignores me the whole time. I cannot stand that woman. Well, let's just say that I miss my mom, more than anything. I love her and I know that she is watching me from up above.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I am sorry that you never got to be with your mother, but what is odd and reasurring is that if you ask her to be there, when you are in a quiet room, you feel a breeze or a touch, she will come. She is always there, as your guardian. mothers love does not go away and the fact that she was not able to be there had to just kill her inside...she is there all the time for you. I am sure of this. Ask for her.