Mothers Day

I remember before she got sick, and i remember how happy we were. One day she went in to the doctors for back pain, and was told she had pancretic cancer, i don't remember what day that was because i wasn't told right away, i wasn't told until the day before she died.

my mom died on May 18, 2004 the day before mothers day.  I was nine years old, or nine and three quarters as i would have told you then, and happy, but very shy, i was in the third grade. you never really know what Cancer is, and what it does until it takes away your mom, or your dad. my parents used to tell me " mommy's sick" , and yes she was VERY sick, only 2% of people that have the cancer she had live. when she was sick my sister went  " Goth" then "emo" as people call it and i just ignored what was bound to happen i went on like everything was okay.        

the day she died my aunt, her daughter and her grand son, my sister and me where at the mall. when we got a phone call from my dad telling us to come to the hospital . we didn't know what was going on. when we got there my dad told me in these words "mommy's not gonna make it"  when he said it  every one started crying i didn't for a second, because i didn't feel like crying i felt like hiding but i almost forced my self to cry after that we went to a different room where we could be alone. at about 2:45 i left the room to see if my dad wan ted something to eat . so i walk into the room that my mom is laying in her death bed in and my dad tells me that she had died for a few seconds just a minute ago but was still alive at that moment. then she looked at me next thing i know my mom was gone and all i wanted was to have her back. 

boston1994 boston1994
13-15, F
Feb 16, 2010