I Miss You ...!!!

i lost my mum last year on the 1st of febuary

she had cancer for the 3rd time it was everywhere !! it was so orrible to watch

as i was her full time carer !!

i miss her soo much ... when she went i was soo lost and confused !!

i broke down i rected different to my brother and sisters i took an overdose !!

i no i have let her down if she can still hear and see me she would be appauled but i didnt no what to do !!

i feel like nothing is worth living with out her as she was like everything to me

never new my dad he died when i was little so she was everything and she went !!

but the thing that eats at me the most is that im struggling to remember the good times i remember her being in pain and i cant cope ...

i love you always mum xxx

whoamii whoamii
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

That's so sad! I'm sorry for your loss! <br />
Blood Lust Vampire<br />

I am sorry for you loss prayers God Bless goahead