I Miss Youu Pls Wake Up.

Sooooo I was going thru my "old" myspace and came across old pictures of me and my old friend. My best friend in HS, OMG we used to have a blast, I remember laughing at people, (I know it is was bad) but we were young and stupid, we would laugh at anything and everything, Just laugh.
Thats how we became friends ;) laughing.... she cracked a joke I laughed than I made a joke and we were both lauging Out loud, haha I know sounds stupid, but it was fun, she was sometimes a little mean to me =( but it didnt matter I was mean back.
I think I really underappreciated her, IDK.
My parents HATED her cause they tought she was a lesbian/ tomboy but she wasnt. =O

Than she changed, start to hang out with the wrong crowd, doing drugs, stealing, DRINKING like there was no tomorrow, all because of this **** that dragged her into ****.
 I hate that **** for ruining my Best friend.(this was around 2 years ago)

Where is she now you wonder ?
Still drinking, and doing drugs, partying the whole DAY not going to school (dropped out =( ), still being BFF with that **** not even knowing what she's doing to her.
I mean that **** goes to school making something of herself instead my friend now, doing the bad ****. I blame her for dragging her under.

I miss her. LAUGHING and Hanging Out together, I guess people get ambicious, and I guess she wanted to try something diff, from LAUGHING ALL DAY or just hanging, drugs came in best hand. =( She chose drugs and drinking.
I wish she would realize what shes doing with her LIFE, I mean shes a 19 YO HS drop out, I mean UHHH wake up Wake up, if youre reading this, which youre not LOL, pls  W.S wake up and realize that L.G is destroying you.

I just wanted to say that. Thnx
silver32 silver32
18-21, F
Aug 9, 2010