All Childhood Friends Are Not Friends Anymore

I miss them. I have never met some of them again after those days.
I heard the news that 4 of them are not in this world.

I remeber those days when everthing was so beautiful. I didn't have to wrry about anything and could hang out with my friends. we used to go for any adventures not caring about our lives.

Once we crossed a river which was extremely dangerous. once we even stole fish from the fish tanks of our neighbors. lol.

we explored the new places on our bicycle. we couldn't tell our parents. I learned to swim because of them. my parents would never have allowed me to go swimming. They thought it was too dangerous.

There were trying to have a girlfriend but always failed. In this task, I was never among them. but it was fun. When one girl was interested in me. they encouraged me to say yes to her. but I wasn't interested. They all thought I was stupid. :)

I meet some of them but they have changed. SOme have even chose the wrong path. they have become addicted. some didn't continue their studies. Though I tried to reestablish the old friendship, I realized that it wasn'ty possible. They live in a different world now. Now even if we meet, we just smile.

but whenever I think of my childhood, I remember them. 

Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
Jul 12, 2010