I'm a 20 something year old uni graduate. Most of my life I've lived in close vicinity to a high school and my mum stayed at home and took me for walks. The old house was a big townhouse with three large bedrooms, two toilets, a winding staircase, a large living room and a medium sized kitchen. I loved everything about it and it was spacious and roomy and had room for all my stuff and lovely backyard. I had nice neighbours and local birds visited me.

That changed in 2009ish and we moved into a renting house with two medium sized bedroom and a tiny living room and everything is tightly packed. So guess what my parents did? Put all the stuff that couldn't fit into the garage! Including my electronic keyboard. Then my mother started working overtime to pay off the rent and we started arguing more often. My parents treat me colder than before and I can't get over how no one ever visits any-more. I get more angry at my situation, but my parents don't understand that I'm still VERY attached to the old house...
Zigyte8 Zigyte8
Apr 25, 2012