I Miss My Old Life

i used to have the best life ever, my room was full of everything i ever wanted, guitars, pc, laptop, ps3, xbox, fast broadband connection, steady job with no debts, at sixth form collegte, a loving family, the best dog ever and a girlfriend. things got bad when my girlfriend dumped me for playing xbox to much, i was addicted to gears of war but i enjoyed, so i quit xbox, but it was to late she had already slept with someone else, even though im back with her now i know i can never forgive her and i just dont know what to do, i hate her but i feel like i cant split with her, things got worst when we had to move house so i lost everything then, my home where all my mates lived was all gone, then my dog passed away which hurt so much, im now in a dead end job filling shelves with hardly any hours, debts to my eyeballs, problems with my car, constant arguements with my girlfriend, no college coursa, i feel like im too old to do anything, im 20 and i feel like im past my time already, i think im depressed i feel miserable all the time and whenever i hear songs i get really emotional and it makes me just wish i could go back to my old life, i hate the life im in now!

mkandy7 mkandy7
Mar 24, 2009