I Miss All of It

I miss being single and childless. I miss doing what wanted when i wanted, having money and freedom, not having to answer to my husband. I miss being able to hang out with guy friends without getting a hassle. I miss having a crew and going out and flirting and calling off work if i felt like it because i didn't need the money. I miss staying out late and sleeping in. I miss my old body and clothes. I miss wondering if some hot guy i met the night before was gonna call me and first dates and friends and having time to get ready and do my makeup. i miss going home alone at night. i miss waking up and thinking about anything but taking care of kids or going to work or housework. I m iss travelling. i miss privacy. i miss saying what i wanted without having to be questioned. i miss feeling excited about plans and interests and having time to pursue them. i miss me

oriona oriona
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 9, 2009

such honest sad feelings.....I have all those things that you miss and yet I miss the love I once had.....

i can imagine how you feel.<br />
<br />
i hope i never get married.

it's true and not only your's stroy it represents all womens after their marriage..