In Two Years Time, I've Gone From Heaven To Hell

Around two years ago at this exact time (Jan-Feb '08) I had everything I could have hoped for in life, and then some. It was senior year of high school, I was a starter on our varsity basketball team, I was friends with almost everybody at the school, student and teacher, and had some genuine fantastic friendships. All these cute girls were approaching and flirting with me, and my great life seemed to get almost perfect after the Giants, my favorite team on the planet, won the Super Bowl, and my basketball team won our division championship just 3 weeks apart. I laugh just thinking about how perfect my life used to be

Soon after all this, my father came down with lukemia, and since I graduated high school, I have lost touch with all my friends from school whom I was certain I'd be lifetime friends with. I almost never talk with them anymore. I haven't been ANYWHERE close with a girl since I graduated, and I have bounced around two colleges where I did poorly academically, and where I failed to make any friends. After leaving the college I hated this fall, I am currently not enrolled anywhere, and may have to go back to my first college that I hated just as mich as my last one. This however, is all small potatoes compared to what I experienced this past July. My father, whom I loved greatly, and who really was the greatest man I've ever known, passed away this summer, 4 ******* days before my 20th birthday. I honestly cannot even fathom that I'll never see him again, it's too massive of a blow for me to even comprehend. 

So, as you can see, I feel as though I have literally fallen out of heaven and plummited to hell, and I just see no end in site for this outrageous run of horrific luck.

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1 Response Jan 2, 2010

i know this may be hard to hear but a lot of people lose touch with their high school friends. every one just assumes that college will be the same setting as high school, people will be close and look after one another when in reality it isn't. no one will really reach out unless you give a hand out first. i'm sorry to hear about your father, i couldn't imagine watching him go through something like that. what you need is to try and put the past behind you and get back to school and work hard, it'll be over before you know it. it's just another bump along the way. good luck!