Espically When I Head For The House

Having fun and talking to friends while on the road, we have fun and it is just able to get out and talk to others and not have to worry much...  Then I come back here where she is and my kids are and for some reason I feel the need to back off, I make my kids the priority when I am home and try to keep in touch when I am out on the road.

Can hardly wait for my divorce to go though then I really don't have to keep off the cell phone and talking to my friends with out having to worry about her getting all upset or what ever, even though she says she doesn't care anymore and is over it......  she isn't....

Eventually I will get my own place again and though my kids will make it their second home, I will have a few more freedoms than I have now...


Looking forward to it....

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Thanks WIB - It is a process and it can be a long one at that.... But making headway...

good luck to you mtvlm - I'm sure that you will get your personal freedom - it sounds like you are well on the way - accepting it's what you need and allowing that acceptance is a powerful step - seems you've already taken it that far.

We talked last night Pix after the court appointed "class" and wonder where we fell apart, nothing came of it but also we both know that we are being happier going through this that what we were before.... I think that I was just trying to work hard on saving our marriage and it is just that we are better as friends, she stated that she will be very happy for me when I find someone I can be happy with...<br />
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tink - we are working things out and trying to end this and show the kids that we are still mom and dad to them even though mom and dad don't live together any more... It is possible and can be done...<br />
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LV - Thanks and I wish you to get your freedom too..

Personal freedom is essential, and you will get yours soon,

I seperated from my husband after enough time of being un-happy, was the one who divorced him coz it was the right way to go, still didn't stop me getting upset especially where the kids were concerned, probably took me 2 years to work my way through all the different emotions from hate to indifference .. nowadays i can tolerate him when i have to but much prefer to be in the company of his girlfriend .. <br />
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You're right the sooner you can bring about a conclusion the better for both of you, everyone deserves to be happy i wish you all the best in this!

Your kids should always be your always come before others in my book...don't feel guilty for putting them first, you are doing what any loving father would do and it's quite admirable... <br />
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It sounds like she doesn't know quite what she wants...just the fact that she gets upset if you are on the cell phone shows "something" might still be there...there may be something worth salvaging... :-)

Thanks Sophie..... It is coming soon enough for me to digest it.... It will all work out and I will be happier in the end....

Freedom does mean a lot so I hope it'll be sooner than later for you...wish you all the best! : )