I Miss My Bunny

My family and I got my bunny, Biscuit, in 2002. He managed to live for eight years in a cage under the kitchen table. My Grandpa built a run for him, which he was out in everyday, except for winter. I cleaned him out, fed him, brushed him, even walked him around the garden, from time to time. He started fading away and was put down last year. The vet reckons he was in chronic pain, and going blind, so it was the kindest thing to do. I miss him though. I miss giving him hugs and watching TV. I hope to get another bunny one day but they'll never replace my Biscuit.
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2 Responses Mar 1, 2011

I miss my bunny too. She left me yesterday. I had her for nearly 9 years..she is the sweetest, I slept with her, hold her under my blanket and she will lick my chin, kissing me. My heart hurts, I am lost without her, she was my world. I love you my love piggy

I lost my bunny yesterday and am more sad than I have ever been. I had him for over 8 years. I also think he is irreplaceable. I may try to adopt another one soon because there are so many that need homes. I think it is natural to feel this way because our bunnies were always here for us (unlike human friends and family), they were always there waiting for us! I hope you can get another one and hope you can love him/her. You sound like a great, caring owner and any bunny would be SO lucky to have you.