My Sweet Bunnies

I got my two rabbits in 2003. I picked Calvin out of the crowd because when I picked him up he PEED on me. haha I took that as a sign that he needed TLC and to come home with me. As I got to know him a little better I started seeing a pattern, and realized that he peed on me when he was mad! Oh well, that's ok. He was a character, and always up to some kind up to some kind of mischief. He was my little buddy. He passed away July 29, 2009 of basically an unknown cause. I was so torn up about it...then came a day where I thought to myself 'wait, I still have Jordan!'

I got Jordan the same year, 2003, 6 months after getting Calvin. I picked him out of the others because right away when I picked him up he started cleaning and trying to make better a scratch on my chest that little spit fire Calvin had given me. Jordan adored Calvin and wanted nothing more than to do everything his big brother did. After Calvin passed away Jordan turned his attention to me and was just the sweetest bunny you could ever ask for! Always gave little bunny kisses and liked to snuggle. He passed away December 7, 2012 of a few chronic conditions that he'd had for a while, and I guess just didn't have enough strength left to fight anymoreI miss Jordan so much!!!

In 2003 I was barely even an adult. Now here we are 2013. I'm painfully aware that yes now I am an adult. But I'm without both my bunnies. It hurts really bad.
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26-30, F
Jan 9, 2013