My Best Friend :..)

My puppy named Chicko(was white chiwawa) was outside  playing with my other dog chulo my next door neighbors dog (german shepered) was chasing him around , Then the German Shepered walked across the street were my other dog chulo was then..... I heard whining i looked bac then i screamed NOOOOOO!!!!!! i threw a rock at the car and i ran to him i didnt care if he had bloode i ran inside and screamed MOM MOM MOM Chicko got runed over ! She called my dad to come and see if he could save him but no we put paper towels around him to see if it could work but the next day ..... he died i was crying saying why !He was my whole life my whole world! i would never forget him:..)

Izzy778899 Izzy778899
13-15, F
Jul 26, 2010