I Got A Call!!!!!!!

So a few days ago... HE CALLED ME!!!!! I was in the movie theatre bathroom and I had my friend answer my phone bc I didn't know who it was.. She goes, "Who is this?" He said, "Taylor?" She yelled, "TAYLOR??" I yelled, "TAYLOR??!!!" I snatched the phone from her and was like, "Taylor, is it really you??" He goes, "Yes. Hello ")" I screamed so loud. No lie. I was the happiest ******* person ever that day. He told me how much bootcamp has changed him, and updates on what he's been up to and stuff. He asked me about the pregnancy.. and i told him, i guess you could say lol. He told me about this list thing the baby will go on when he/she's here, and how it will always be supported. He's always going to be here for me, and supporting me and the little one :3.

After he and I got off the phone, me and my friend went and sat on some picnic table downtown and i started thinking and then i started crying. I think hearing from him made this more real than it has been so far. And i was thinking about the fact that i'm going to be a single teenage mother and things like that. THEN his momma called me :3.!!! OMG she is the sweetest lady, i swear!! She was telling me about how family s THE biggest thing to her. and that if ever need anyone to talk to she will ALWAYS be here for me. She said she would love it very much if she could be involved in the pregnancy as well as the baby's life. i said NO DOUBT. she is SO sweet and i will definitely be letting her get involved in doctor appts and such. I'm so exciting to meet her :3. She said, and i quote, "Taylor WILL be a father, a good one. and if hes not, i'll shove my foot so far up his ***..!" Lol She was glad to hear that she had cheered me up. And she really did, like a TON!!

ALSO, he has sent me a letter before he got to call, he actually stated in it that, "So i've re read that pink letter a million times and it makes me excited" i was so happy when i read that part :D (btw, pink letter = the letter i wrote the news on was pink paper. lol)

I don't get to go to his graduation which really upsets me :( i don't even know when i'll be able to hear from him next :'( but i'll live. I really cant wait to talk to him again. I cant wait!!! Anyways, I just thought i'd inform people of all this. Akay, that is all :3.
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This may be personal, but im curious, Taylor and you are having a baby together, so did your relationship status change? What i am asking is are y'all together now?