Navy Cheif's Wife-missing The Man

I never thought i'd marry a service member. It was something i felt was just to hard for me to handle. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong it very hard but i am strong enough. And so are the rest of you. Yeah the Government may own him but he is still my Man. we met thru MySpace of all places. Not a month after i met him he deployed for 3 months. I waited. He got home and called me and we went out. Things moved forward. Then he got new orders. He was Leaving GA for MD in 3 months time. I changed my school plans and 2 months after he left, i followed. Life was hard in the little 1 bedroom apartment with 2 dogs and a get you buy McDonalds job for me. Not to mention now being so far from my family. We talked about our future and what we wanted to do with it. He asked me if i understood that being him him meant my dreams might have to change. I did understand and had already made changes in my head. We went through some short deployements and then we talked of getting married. Before long he deployed again longer this time then any time before. I knew when he got home he was going to propose, but it didn't happen that way. I got sick, the crazy bird flu that was so bad in 2009. We had communication and he told me to call his shop for help. I told him no. It wasn't my place i wasn't his fiancee or his wife. As a girlfriends it just wasn't my place. at least thats how i felt. little did i know he emailed his cheif who called me not an hour later and said to me. "I hear you need help and think you can't call me. Now what's wrong? What do you need?" Shortly after we were enganged with 3 weeks left till he was home i had that much time to plan our wedding. It was simple and it was amazing. We've been married three years and i've lived through one PCS as his wife. We moved from MD to WA what a ride. Now he's made Cheif, i'm so proud. When Asked by Master Cheif Lisa how i was handling his Transition i simply shrugged my shoulders and replied." I go with the flow, what else can i do beyond make sure foods easily available and support him?" It was 6 weeks of chaos of him not home, he might as well have been deployed for all i saw of him and he'd just gotten home from a deployment not a week before transition began. it was hard but we got through. Although my husband is shore duty he is on his second deployment since arriving a year ago in WA. I can't really complain, he volunteered for the first one and having made Cheif had little choice in this second one. The best PART he'll be home soon before our first child is born. And with luck i'll have him home for the majority of the next 2 years.
Ladies remember if you can't roll with the punches that go with supporting your service man it might be best to step away, it will only destroy you as a couple in the end, i've seen it more times in the last 3 years as his wife then i would have ever imagined. It's doesnt get easier not really but you do learn what to expect. Look this up in google ladies it helped me a lot. The Emotional Cycle of Deployment read it save it and read it again. You will see it happening for yourself and being able to understand a little more about how it'll affect you and what to expect next helps reeive the stress somewhat. Most of all you're not alone.
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Feb 4, 2013