Money Does Buy Happiness...

I have 3 brothers Gavin(9), Anthony(4), Dakota(almost 2),and 1 sister, Summer(8). My parents are divorced. Summer and Anthony are my dad's kids. I live with my dad so I see them all the time. Gavin and Dakota are my mom's kids. My brother Gavin lives with his dad about half an hour away, and Dakota lives with my mom about 45 min away. I see Gavin maybe two or three times a year. Up until recently, my mom lived a few states away, so as a result, I've seen Dakota 3 times in his entire life. It hurts so bad that I don't get to see them more often. But my family is poor. Our income is roughly 11,000 a year. We can't afford the gas to have me visit very often. I love my siblings. I know it's bad to say, but Gavin truly is my favorite sibling. He was my first sibling and so I think the two of us share a stronger bond than the rest of my siblings. Sometimes I wish that it was Summer and Anthony that lived far away. I know that sounds horrible and it makes me feel terrible and guilty because of it. But the fact is, I can't think of Gavin without crying. I miss him so much. I'm going off to college in a year and I will see him even less and that thought just kills me. Every time I call my mom she informs me of new words that Dakota has learned. And it hurts to know that i'm missing so much of him. My mom visits her friend Tina pretty often. Tina has a got a daughter about my age and I can't stand the fact that this girl might know my own brother more than I do.

I'm sorry this is really ramble-y but i'm upset and this is what came out.
aday4evr aday4evr
18-21, F
May 24, 2012