Losing Her

Its such a long story, so I will keep it short...I have never been very "close" with her. A lot of very messed up stuff has happened in our lives, a lot of which we couldnt control and a lot of which was a result of that.....but she is now a heroin addict. She has been on the streets of Newark NJ, going around to different Home Depot stores with the guy she has been with and finding reciepts in the parking lot, then going into the store and getting the merchandise on those reciepts and returning them for store credit or gift cards and then selling them to support the drug habit. She was picked up by police and my mother was called, she told my mom that she didnt want to go home, she wants to go back out on the streets because she doesnt care anymore and wants to die. She has hepatitis c and her liver is damaged, she found out a few months ago.
I just feel so helpless, its been more than a year and a half since I have seen her. I have not talked to her either, she is embarassed and wont talk to me...she is only 26 years old...please pray for her!

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1 Response Jun 10, 2010

I am so sorry this is happening in your life.