I Barely Know Her Anymore

Me and my sister used to be really, really close. Until 6 months ago or something we got in a fight and first it wasnt much but it got worse, so bad that iv never said a single word to her for 6 months .. we walk past eachother as if the other was a ghost that we cannot see. We act like the other never existed. Since its been so long i think all i know is shes my older sister, named janet, and her age, thats about it. I miss her alot but then thinking about the past makes me hate her aswell, i just want all this to end. But she acts so heartless towards me when she was the one who started this mess. Im not pointing fingers and yeah it was my fault too but i just wish she would one day apologize to me, because i know i have to her. I always wonder what she thinks of me now, but as far as i know she hates me...
Johannnaaa Johannnaaa
Jun 30, 2010