Me and my sister have only seen each other maybe four or five times in our entire lives.  She is twenty and i am seventeen.  I have many other sisters but they all are cruel and mean to me because my dad is.  The main reason me and my sister haven't seen each other is because my dad is a drug addict and when i was five he tried to trade me for drugs so my mother found out and made it illegal for him to be around me so i couldn't see my sister.  I don't know why but me and her have always been close for two people who hardly ever see each other.  I saw her just the other day for the first time in about five to six years and i had a great time but i know that after its all over that we wont see each other again for a while.  After she left i fell deep into depression and i still am.  I have been crying constantly and feel separated from her.  What i have is adult separation anxiety disorder which is not to be confused with what babies get.  I hate that my sister and me are so close and i could tell you more about my neighbors than i could about my sister.  I feel if this keeps up i will never have a true relationship with my sister and i just want us to be closer more than anything and i would give ANYTHING just to see her at least once a week.  I just wish their was something comforting to hear but their isn't.  I wrote this for those who take their siblings for granted.  You will never know how much you love and miss them till you don't ever have them around.
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ur right i miss my sister cus i havnt cn her 4 4 or 5 years now all i think about is my sister all the time. i would do any thing just to c my sister 2. and my dad thinks that my sisters mum has put sumthing through her head saying that dad is a monster but hes not hes just realy protective of us