My Little Rose

My gorgeous sister drowned last year in her nappy bucket no one understands my pain I am going through my sister blames me when she is mad and I feel alone she was my best friend I have a deep hole in my heart and I can't repair it. Everyday I wish I could talk to her about something she would always listen I miss her breathing on me and I wish I invited her to play outside with me on the day of her death my parents are senile and I feel alone I need help from a human who can understand I miss you Ruby Rose
Lolybeth17 Lolybeth17
2 Responses Jan 25, 2012

i understand my brother past on when he was only 9... i just saw his grave site last week for the first time in over 30 years... its a pain iv learned to live with. im so sorry for ur lose, and the pain you are going through . (((hugs)))

I understand. Lost my sister too. Although it was many years ago, still hurts sometimes.